The Bandhavgarh sanctuary after all is home to India’s largest collection of the Royal Bengal Tigers. Naturally most visitors “will” sight a majestic specimen crossing their trail, sooner or later!

Many of you would start on our luxury open-top 4X4s, absorbing the beauty, unique fragrances and sounds of the deep forest. Soon one gets busy zooming in on the colourful birds, the dear frozen in its tracks, the lush green fauna…and suddenly the tell tale smell of a fully grown tiger will invade your senses. In reflex action and on instinct you would retrain your camera on the direction of the royal feline. He knows that you mean no harm; still, he would take a few moments to size you up while you fumble at your camera like a kid. If your hands are steady, you will leave with a few truly magnificent images of the world’s most majestic cat.

Don’t take our word for it though – just Google© images of Bandhavgarh to find out what tourists before you have captured! Yours will be right next!


Deep into the jungle one starts hearing the real sounds of silence! Twigs breaking under unseen footsteps, rustle of the leaves disturbed by a breeze, intermittent chirps of crickets and small birds, distant howls.

The Bandhavgarh National Park is home also to a mind-boggling variety of flora and fauna. Over 600 species of flowering plants, 50 of aquatic variety and 18 of very rare types can be easily sighted here.  Nirmal Chhaya Resorts has arrangements with experienced naturalists who know the area inside out. Have them on your team and you’ll go back an expert in botany at least.


Our customized open-top 4X4s are ideal for exploring the deep innards of Bandhavgarh national park. Each SUV is manned by a certified naturalist (guides) to familiarize adventurers with the rules of the jungle. The written down codes of conduct are just a small part of the much heightened sense of responsibility we need to adhere to, in the wild. The guides carry with them meticulous records of the flora and fauna, sighting spots, trails etc. Even on your trip, every important bit of data will be added to the archive, to make each subsequent outing a better experience.


  • Stay very still and quiet
  • Transistors, tape recorders, blowing the car horn and loud conversations are taboo in a national park
  • Wear colors that blend with the forest – khaki, brown and olive green. Bright colors can scare the animals since they are not used to them.
  • Do not wear perfumes or any other strong smelling substances as animals are sensitive to smell
  • Do not forget to carry mosquito repellent, sunscreen, antiseptic cream, hat, socks and shoes, binoculars, camera, water bottle, warm clothing in winters
  • All drivers and guides are given a set of instructions regarding the speed of the vehicle, the route to be followed, distance to be kept from other vehicles and wild animals and time guidelines. Never encourage your driver to break these rules.
  • Show displeasure if your mahout disturbs a tiger for a satisfying view
  • Don’t allow your driver to get too close to animals
  • You should report errant drivers or if you see people violating the rules of the park.
  • Please do not enter before sunrise or stay after sunset
  • Do not litter the place with polythene bags, tetra packs and other such materials. Such articles not only spoil the beauty of the park but also may harm the animals